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The Healthy Blood, Healthy Body Project has worked with local artist, Mavis Lyndon, to develop a visual story of our collective work. Mavis shares the story of its development below. 


"This artwork tells a story of Indigenous people that desire help from each group which is in the centre of this painting.

The multiple curved U shapes in the centre of the artwork are desired people that are wanting help. The desired people can be on many levels of life, which explains the dark and light blue colours (water).

This connects with the orange pathway and kangaroo tracks; every desired people can get the help from each of the four groups. Each pathway will give you the different help and connections to different resources on which that desired person needs.

Each brown circle (land) is surrounded by curved U shapes that are Curtin University, the Aboriginal Advisory Group, Chief Investigators, and Health Services that are willing to help these desired people.

And surrounded by all four lands and desired people are the families that are there for the support and the family member. Family is yellow (sand), which is safe place."

About the Artist: Mavis Lyndon

Mavis Lyndon is a 20-year-old female, who is Wongi, Yamatji, and Torres Strait Islander. Mavis has been painting for 5 years and has found her passion in creating pieces symbolic of connection and non-judgment, encouraging Aboriginal people to work through feelings of shame and seek support to be able to reconnect with others.

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